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The company Valdigrano of Flavio Pagani was born in 1997 as a family company. Located in Rovato, the culinary capital of Franciacorta, in harmony with the surrounding environment, the Valdigrano factory is modern and innovative, for both the structure and the production technologies used, able to ensure efficiency, safety and quality.

The know-how and experience gained by the Pagani family, dedicated to the production of Italian pasta for sixty years, are combined with the passion and enthusiasm that characterize Valdigrano in its specific industry.

Being a young company is one of the strengths of Valdigrano, which was able to set the output as a true high technology system that integrates today 5 production lines, 19 packaging machines and automated logistics, controlled at every stage by a central computer.

The results of this combination of tradition, technological innovation and passion are evident in the quality of products, but also in increasingly growing production figures.

Product quality is guaranteed by compliance with the HACCP program and IFS and BRC standards (Higher Level Certification for both) certified by the CSQA.

Valdigrano is certified for the Halal e Kosher.

The Valdigrano product range includes pasta from durum wheat semolina, egg pasta, whole wheat and organic pasta.

Valdigrano is well known even outside of Italy, where it exports 60% of its products; not only in Europe (40%), but in the USA (10%), in countries such as Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India , Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Libya, Marocco, Russian Federation and some of central and southern Africa countries (10% in total).

And for its efforts and the quality of its products, the Valdigrano pasta factory was awarded the Golosario Award 2011 as "the best emerging pasta producer for the enhancement of Italian products". The award, established by wine journalist Paolo Massobrio, author of Il Golosario, a guide to good things in Italy, represents for Valdigrano recognition for all the work and passion characterizing the daily activities of the Pagani family.

Valdigrano di Flavio Pagani srl

via Borsellino, 35/37
25038 Rovato (BS)
T. +39 030 7704444
F. +39 030 7720913
P.IVA/VAT IT01960850988

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