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The chef recommends

Stefano Cerveni - Restaurant Due Colombe al Borgo Antico - Borgonato di Corte Franca (BS)

"My meeting with La Pasta Valdigrano Qualità Superiore was very natural. New pasta that bears the name of my land, it was impossible not to try it. Its colour is bright and deep yellow, like that of wheat. The taste is strong and has excellent cooking properties. Pasta with a great personality that does not cover the other flavours, but enhances them. A great 'ally' in my work, which allows me to create and propose to my customers dishes through which I can convey unique and exciting sensations".

Crispy penne rigate all'amatriciana

Pipe rigate with pestom

Linguine with cherry tomatoes and dried sardines

Sedani with ricotta cheese celery and anchovies

Mezze penne rigate with red prawns and asparagus tips

Valdigrano di Flavio Pagani srl

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